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5 Rhythms Poster

5 Rhythms, Qualities, Attributes, Meridians, NL's, NV's, Alarm, Source, Sedation and Strengthening Points, Pulses, Black Pearl Sanctuary and more.

5 Rhythms Poster - $50 (shipping is $5 to US and $10 internationally).

Foundations Classes Demonstration DVDs

Do you feel STRESSED when you think about doing your demos? You are not alone. Lisa has filmed what you are required to demonstrate following each class so mastering or reviewing the material can be easy.

Students are required to complete the classes before the DVDs will be mailed. Please supply your teacher name, year and location.

Lisa Buford is an Eden Energy Medicine founding faculty member. She teaches years 2, 3 and 4 in Phoenix and has taught Year One Foundation Classes 19 times, Nationally and Internationally.

Lisa Buford's Foundations DVDs

Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 - $25. All four classes - $90.

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Make Energy Medicine YOUR OWN DVDs

Lisa Buford is now offering the first in a series of DVD’s. She has modified and explained in detail a few of her favorite movements and overall balancing techniques:  Cover Your Eyes, Celtic Weave, The Black Pearl Sanctuary and The Quickie Energy Balancer.

Make EEM Your Own has a twofold purpose:

1) Help you move from Technician to Practitioner

-Think outside the box
-Customize the EM you have learned
-Personalize homework for your clients
-Deepen your understanding of EM

2) Those near and dear to you can give you a Black Pearl Sanctuary or Quickie Energy Balancer by following the DVD.

Lisa Buford is a senior faculty member for The Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, teaches in all four years and has taught 19 Year One Foundation Classes. She has been in private practice since 1996.

DVD #1


Quickie Energy Balancer Expanded, Explained and Demonstrated (approximately 1 hour) - $25

DVD #2

Black Pearl Sanctuary DVD

Black Pearl Sanctuary Modified: Celtic Weave, Cover Your Eyes - $20



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