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Lisa lives in Montana where she has a private practice working with children, teens, adults, families and professionals.  She also maintains a private practice in Spokane, Washington.  She is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and part of the original faculty for the two-year certification program. Lisa facilitates workshops locally and nationally.  Inspiring, empowering and helping other to improve the quality of their lives is her lifelong goal.

Lisa with Donna Eden in Santa Fe

Lisa has a diverse background with over fifteen hundred hours of formal training.  She has studied extensively with Donna Eden, international teacher, healer and author of Energy Medicine.  She continues to assist in classes taught by Donna and her husband, David Feinstein. Lisa is a regular presenter at the IGEEM, International Gathering Eden Energy Medicine, in San Diego, CA. For more information go to www.innersource.net.

Lisa is certified as an Advanced Emotional Technique Practitioner.  She has studied with Gary Craig, founder of EFT, Dr. David Smith, Medical QiGong Grand Master and David Feinstein, one of the authors of The Promise of Energy Psychology.  Visit www.innersource.net/ep to learn more.

For the last decade Lisa has been certified by the (Edu-K) Educational Kinesiology Foundation as a  Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant.  She has studied extensively with Paul Dennison, PhD, founder of Edu-K and  Brain Gym® and Carla Hannaford, PhD, author of Smart Moves, Awakening the Child Heart and The Dominance Factor.  Visit www.braingym.org for information about Brain Gym®.  Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International.


“Lisa impressed me with her caring and professionalism.  She was already completely "booked" but still was willing to arrange time for me.  Her teaching during our session was precise, informative, and beneficial.  She provided succinct and easily understandable explanations of complex energy techniques.  She offered examples and tools that I could use at home in my practice.  She created a safe, healing space during our work together.  I am grateful for her compassion, knowledgeable skill,and teaching; a blessing I will not forget."

       ~Victoria Bordelon LCSW, DCSW, Shreveport, LA

Many years ago I made a daily prayer to the universe, “Cut free the people I need to see, that need to see me and please send everyone else somewhere else to not waste my time or theirs.”

Over a period of several months when people would call and I would inquire as to what was going on, what help they were seeking, invariably I would refer about seventy-five percent to other practitioners I felt more qualified to help them. One day when making my prayer I clearly felt reprimanded that I had little faith, people were calling and I was sending them away. I now feel confident in knowing that I have something to offer you. Thank you for your time.

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"I firmly believe that we learn what we need.  The phrase physician heal thyself absolutely applies to me.  When I reflect on where I was then and where I am now, I see that healing has been multi faceted, layered like an onion, sometimes incremental and other times miraculous. 

At this point when people call, I ask who referred them and what did they say I do?  I have over two thousand hours of training and am certified and qualified to offer many specific healing modalities.  Often someone is best served when they are open to recieve what is most appropriate for them at the time.  I see myself as a private investigator and part of my job is to find the programs or myleinated pathways or habits that the body, mind, and spirit hold and operate.

I use the metaphor that I am a computer operator and I have software (training) loaded in my system.  Once you are energetically balanced the innate intelligence and wisdom of your body chooses which program or programs we are to run or install.  I give 'homework' of a varying nature to reinforce the new habits,  pathways and/or programs so healing will continue.  I love this work as it is empowering and life changing!"      

~Lisa Buford

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